DZR Urban Cycling Shoes

DZR has some of the most innovative cycling shoes on the market, having been out for a couple years now we decided to write a real life review on the shoes after having them for a couple years


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Summer Nights

Exploring light, movement, and color at the same time is hard but when it works moments can turn monumentous. Observe the latest post on Anthrodipa shot in the lowest of light, and the darkest of nights.

Red Land Koi


Today started ye first official day of Redlands koi shooting. Let me tell you guys how amazing this place is…. Maybe you should just see the video when it comes out. Honestly thou, the location is a dreams worth of scenery locations and settings that I just could not get enough of. Here are some images of the shoot, and stay tinned for the video



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WMC 2012 BEGINS!!!


Starting WMC right at Mansion. There was a classic Aoki x Dim Mak bash. All out nuts—complete with neon painted dancers and twisted creatures tickling the nightmares in you head. Datsik played before Aoki and got the place fired up with some very hard-hitting bass and dubstep. Lil John and Aoki played a little game with the audience getting them fired up for “Turbulence” and switched it around when they debuted a new collaboration song (I was not able to catch the other DJs name, unfortunately). An overall fun time with lots of memorable experiences…stay tuned for more Miami Music Week coverage. For the Featured article and some more pictures click here.


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The Vagabond

This was shot on Halloween at The Vagabond in downtown Miami. It was an eerie night but everyone partied like it was a saturday, lots of beautiful people and some not so much. Was out there with my cousin Alonso from Peru and my buddy Jairo from the store. Shot on my 5d mark II with the Sigma 15-35mm f/3.5 the flying shots are my little secret. This was one of my first dslr videos to make it to 500 views on YouTube in about two weeks.

The Vagabond


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Jackies 24th birthday Wooooooooh!!!!!

Awesome couple nights with some good friends, like family really… Big thanks to everyone who helped make this night happen. This video was made for my buddy AJ’s girlfriend Jackie, I have had my Glidecam for a little over a week. He told me they were going to be going out, and the following night there was going to be a scavenger hunt . Challenge accepted. About 64 gigs of footage later I had plenty of clips to work with, even though I don’t remember half of the second night ;p

Jackies 24th Birthday WOOOOOOOOH!!!!!


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Reminiscing on the moment the box arrived at my house, it was probably one of the happiest days of my life (not just the adult one). It took me about 15 minutes to get the whole thing unboxed, Being from B&H it was nicely packaged, however the Glidecam itself was not really protected at all inside of its box. Assembling everything was easy but it does have a illustrated guide on how to set it up, everything has a very solid aluminum build machining is precise and the finish is nice and smooth. The only thing I did not feel was up to par were the actual hardware holding in your camera, it is a series of plastic covered nuts that snap into place, I have somewhat damaged one of the plastic covers and it’s not as solid as when I got it, but it still holds down super snug.

Balancing the rig was a bit of a challenge the first couple times, I also was shooting with it right away and was able to adjust quickly to how the Glidecam likes to be trimmed. I noticed that adjust the length of tube first to get a center point, Then adjusting the weights until you achieve a drop rate you want, and finally the trimming is key to get the perfect balance. Also trying to get the camera over the center point of the cheese plate it comes with was had with an HD SLR, I have seen people use hotshot wieghts to better balance stabilizer rigs but I will be using accesories on the horse and will not be able to take advantage of such goodies.

Here the first video I shot with it, my third day owning the Glidecam second time balancing it.


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Animal House Party

Timmy’s going away party
The Animal House strikes again with another bad ass party. This one is thrown for my boy timmy soon to be architect moving away to Georgia, to eat some butter grits and peaches. One of the first videos I made, shot hand held with my 5d mark II with the Canon 85mm f/1.8 USM lens. I love the depth that lens give, super fast and discrete nobody even noticed I was shooting video in the corner. Hope you enjoy the vid as much as I did the night.


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