Drones are all the rage!!! Finally getting my hands on one. I set out to shoot some realestate and came back with a video of this beautiful property in the Redlands, Florida. 14 acres of ranch space with three separate shelters and a huge house to top it all off, the land it so massive that the house truly looks dwarfed in comparison.


The drone platform I am using is called a Blade 350 QX3. It has a 2.5km range and can hit 35MPH, all while streaming the footage down via a 5.8GHZ VTX. It is carrying a GoPro 4 modified by Peuproductions to have a 35mm equivalent to a 47mm lens, giving a very normal look from the GoPro instead of the sporty wide angle view we are all used to seeing. This particular video was done before I had gotten it in, this was shot with a GoPro 3+ Black Edition at 4k for optimum quality. I’m going to be posting more about this drone in more detail later on.

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