The inception of Bustaphoto was back when I was in high school. Despite the fact that aggressive skating and photography were all I could think about, I was 16 and I had big things in mind. There were many rolls shot and equipment used, abused and destroyed during those starting stages of non-stop filming and editing. Bustaphoto was granted awards for photography and video at The Miami Children’s Museum in 2004 & 2005 and at The Gold Key for the Portfolio Scholastics National Exhibition in 2005. However, Bustaphoto was still young…

Bustaphoto then descended upon the realm of event photography. I enjoyed the atmosphere and all the emotional moments produced by such events. Weddings, quinces, Bar/Batmitsvahs and corporate events were exciting and grand, but something was still incomplete. Bustaphoto took a big step into the industry when I went back to study at Columbia College of Chicago for Film and to Miami Ad School for Fashion and Editorial Photography.

With new knowledge and “swagger”, Bustaphoto has developed into the present day creator of moments that I envisioned so many years ago. I like to think of a photographer as a true inspector of light and creator of moments that are both memorable and unique to the situation, regardless of the content or subject matter.

Who/what is Bustaphoto? I am Bustaphoto

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I remember those early days in high school. You were the most gifted photographer I had ever seen. (And thanks again for all of the great yearbook photos!) My daughter is now into photography too (Canon 5D Mark III with L lenses).
    I wish you continued success!
    – Mr. Green

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